A Fractured Crown Needs Professional Treatment from a Dentist

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A dental crown is essentially a replacement copy of a compromised tooth’s original enamel layer. They are typically created from special dental materials that are known to be durable enough to handle the daily rigors of chewing, grinding, and biting the foods you eat.

Yet there are some things that can carry enough force to chip or fracture a dental crown. This is even more likely to occur if you play in rigorous sports without a necessary mouth guard or you grind your teeth at night without a dental guard.  

In a situation like this, it’s best to have Dr. Geoff Engelhardt examine and treat the damaged crown before new complications occur. While you’re waiting for your appointment with Dr. Geoff Engelhardt it’s best to leave the crown alone. Manipulating it, attempting to clean it, or wiggling it with your tongue could cause harm to other dental structures.

If the internal abutment is undamaged, Dr. Geoff Engelhardt might be able to simply fit you for a replacement crown. Unfortunately, if the incident also harmed the sensitive abutment within the crown Dr. Geoff Engelhardt might need to perform a root canal. This will restore enough dental structure to secure a new crown in your mouth.  

If you live in the Fort Collins, Colorado, area and you have a chipped or damaged crown, you should not delay in calling 970-484-4890 to seek professional treatment at Engelhardt & Associates.