Dental Findings on Gum Disease Risk Factor Prevention

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Even if your oral health is an optimum condition, dental damage can arise at any time. Even a single oral health hazard can severely hinder and impair your teeth and gums and leave you susceptible to future dental damage. Thus, it is always important to have effective prevention planning treatments in place and have risk factor assessments for various forms of oral hygiene ailments including gum disease.

If you wish to give your smile the best chance for oral health care success, it is important to eliminate or minimize all risk factors for gum disease. However, some are not easily treatable. For example, genetics can make a person 6 times more likely to suffer from gum disease, and there is very little you can do. In addition, hormonal changes in the body, pregnancy, and diabetes can also greatly contribute to a rise in gum disease

In order to lower the chances of you developing gum disease, it is important to implement effective oral health care training routines in your life for not only the habits you partake in but the cleaning treatments you use. Furthermore, always eat a healthy diet that has proper nutrition. To help eliminate the risk of gum disease, avoid smoking or chewing tobacco, or using drugs, as they are known causes of gum disease. In addition, numerous medications you may take can produce dry mouth as a side effect. Dry mouth is a condition in which your mouth produces less saliva. This could be severely toxic to your oral health as it can give rise to serious oral ailments such as gum disease and dental erosion.

Your smile can shine on for many years to come thanks to gum disease prevention. If you require aid with gum disease prevention, you are welcome to book an appointment with Engelhardt & Associates by calling 970-484-4890. Dr. Geoff Engelhardt and our entire team at our dentist office in Fort Collins, Colorado, look forward to upgrading your smile with gum disease prevention.