Dental Stains from Tobacco Use Often Require a Dental Bleaching Treatment to Whiten Your Smile

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Even if you only use tobacco products on an occasional basis, the tar and chemicals introduced to your mouth can prove to be a potent source of significant dental stains. Many people embracing total tobacco cessation find it helpful to celebrate their milestones. For some, this includes enjoying renewed health and improvements in their appearance.

Some people will also choose to have the cosmetic appearance of their smile improved by having Dr. Engelhardt, Dr. Beseda, and Dr. Nelson administer a dental bleaching treatment at their dental office.

The first step in the treatment process calls for our dentists to protect your gums from the potent dental bleaching agents. Once this is done, they will pour a small amount of concentrated dental grade bleach into special trays. They will be inserted in your mouth along with a small suction wand and held there for a few minutes.

The total length of the dental bleaching treatment might vary depending on the severity of your tobacco stains. Afterward, Drs. Engelhardt, Beseda, and Dr. Nelson might also use a special ultraviolet light to whiten minor problem areas.

If you live in the Fort Collins, Colorado, area and you are struggling to deal with tobacco stains on your teeth, you should call 970-484-4890 to set up a dental bleaching treatment at Engelhardt & Associates.