Oral Health Keys: Sedation Dentistry

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If you are afraid of visiting your dentist due to dental anxiety, fear not, as there are numerous treatments available to help ease your mind and relax your body. Thanks to a specialized branch of dentistry known as sedation dentistry, your dentist will be able to prescribe for you treatments to help remove any pain or stress you may feel. Common forms of sedation dentistry include the following:

– Inhaled Minimal Sedation: A milder form of sedation, that combines oxygen and nitrous oxide, to calm and relax patients.
– Intravenous Moderate Sedation: Intravenous sedation is a rapid sedative that is given through a vein and designed to allow oral health care procedures to be immediately given.
– General Anesthesia: General anesthesia is used to ensure the patient will fall asleep and not wake up until the sedative has completely worn off.
– Oral Sedation: Oral sedation is a sedative that is administered via a pill to greatly affect an individual’s level of consciousness. Usually, oral sedation must be given at least 1 hour before any procedures can be done to allow the sedative to take hold.
– Deep Sedation: Deep sedation is used to take an individual to the edge of consciousness but allows them to be awaked easily if necessary.

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