Smile Wide with Toothbrushing Care

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Caring for your toothbrush is essential to make sure that your toothbrush continues to function as it is expected to. If for any reason your toothbrush has been contaminated or extremely worn down, it will need to be replaced. With a minimal amount of effort, you can make sure that the products you are using to clean out your mouth remain safe for future use.

In order for your toothbrush to continue to work effectively, you will need to make sure that you’re taking good care of your toothbrush. By caring for your toothbrush, you can help prevent further plaque buildup or bacteria ending up in your mouth. Never leave your toothbrush in an area where it can become contaminated. If for any reason your toothbrush is contaminated, it will either need to be sterilized or thrown out.

To help prevent contamination from occurring to your toothbrush, always stored upright and away from other toothbrushes. Furthermore, never let anyone else use your toothbrush. When keeping it safe and not in use, make sure it is cleaned and free from areas where it could potentially come into contact with any other objects. If your toothbrush begins to wear down, you will need to replace it. Typically, toothbrushes should be changed out every three to four months.

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