Dr. Geoff Engelhardt, Dr. Raechel Nelson and our dental team want you to have a positive and successful dental experience, and we believe knowing what to expect during your first visit with us will help make that possible.

At your first appointment, it’s best to arrive 10 minutes before your initial visit time so our dental team can review any important medical, dental, and insurance information you have.

We begin your treatment by thoroughly going over your medical and dental history, checking your blood pressure, and taking necessary X-rays. Then, we will perform a complete oral examination to detect cavities, gum disease and oral cancer.

After the exam, Dr. Engelhardt or Dr. Nelson will discuss all findings and treatment options as well as recommend a treatment plan if necessary.

Children should visit our office around 3 years of age or earlier if trauma has occurred. Trauma can happen from an accident at the playground or even something as simple as baby bottle tooth decay. An exam is recommended to encourage proper oral health, oral hygiene, and preventive care.

After your child’s exam, we will explain what we see and work with you to create a perfect treatment plan if necessary. We believe a program of oral hygiene, fluoride, sealants, and regular exams and dental visits can keep teeth and gums healthy and strong.

If you have any questions about your first dental visit please call Engelhardt & Associates at 970-484-4890. We are happy to help you!